Wills and Estates

When someone dies, his or her property must be distributed to his or her creditors and beneficiaries.  Because this process can be complicated, it is best to plan ahead by consulting an experienced estate planning attorney.  If you are already dealing with a deceased loved one’s estate in probate, contacting an attorney can help to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


A will is a document that provides instructions for the distribution of your property after your death.  Creating a solid will with the help of an attorney ensures that all of the assets and belongings you leave behind will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.  In addition, having a will can expedite the processing of your estate, minimize the risk of conflict between relatives and designate a guardian for any children you may leave behind.  Because the laws surrounding wills can be complicated, having a trustworthy, experienced attorney to advise you is essential.

Probated Estates

When someone dies and leaves property behind, this property becomes part of the deceased individual’s estate.  In most cases, the estate must pass through a process known as “probate.”  During this process, the court will name an administrator for the estate, supervise the resolution of any creditor claims against the estate and supervise the distribution of the deceased person’s property.  If the deceased person left a will behind, his or her property will be distributed in accordance with the will.  However, if there was no will, the state will decide how property will be distributed.  Estates with values under $50,000 will typically qualify for an expedited form of probate, but all other estates will require formal proceedings.

Probate can be both lengthy and expensive.  If you are involved in a probated estate, having an attorney who understands probate can help to expedite the process.  William C. Reiley has many years of experience with Pennsylvania probate, and he can help you make sure that probate is completed as quickly and easily as possible.

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