Mediation and Arbitration

Often, a trial is not the best way to resolve disputes, as litigation is typically time consuming, costly and adversarial.  Attorney William C. Reiley is a trained and experienced mediator and arbiter who uses mediation and arbitration to manage the costs, time and stress of lawsuits.  The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) strategies are pragmatic ways to meet clients’ needs.  He has successfully handled a wide array of ADR hearings including, personal injury, property damages, business disputes, estate matters, and general civil litigation.

The Process of ADR Strategies

As an arbitrator, attorney William C. Reiley acts as the judge and jury.  His goal is to obtain a fair resolution for disputes between the parties.  Prior to arbitration, the claimant sets out a summary of the issues in dispute and the remedy sought.  There are also legal procedures, such as discovery and inspection, where each party is required to list and inspect the documents in order for the arbitrator to review.  During the hearing, the arbitrator listens to any oral statements and asks questions.  The lawyers of both parties provide attorney William C. Reiley with a summary of their evidence and applicable laws.  Attorney William C. Reiley considers all of the information and renders a decision.  In his award, he gives his reasons for the decision, and his decision is final.  There can be no appeal.

The mediation process is similar to the arbitration process, but the final decision does not have to be adhered too.  The parties can still pursue going to trial if they are unsatisfied with the final decision.  As a mediator, attorney William C. Reiley does not take sides, make decision or suggest solutions.  He helps the parties explore the problem and discover new options to resolve the dispute.  Unlike his role as an arbitrator, he does not act as judge and jury.

To sum it up, in arbitration the outcome is determined in accordance with the applicable law.  On the flip side, the outcome in mediation is determined by the will of the parties.

The Law Office of William C. Reiley

If you’re facing a legal dispute with another party, arbitration or mediation just may be the practical way to go.  Contact attorney C. Reiley for advice.  He’ll let you know all of your options and will help guide you as to the best one for your individual circumstances.

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