General Civil Law

General civil law covers legal disputes between parties who seek monetary damages or specific performance instead of criminal sanctions.  Common types of civil litigation include personal injury, real estate, medical malpractice, landlord/tenant issues and products liability.  As a civil litigator, attorney William C. Reiley has successfully represented clients in hearings, mediation, arbitration and federal, state and local courts.

The Process: Reiley Law

There are times when taking a general civil law case to court may not be practical, as it’s a time consuming and costly process.  Mediation or arbitration may be a better choice.  As a matter of fact, some business contracts require arbitration for dispute resolution.  If mediation or arbitration is a savvier choice, attorney William C. Reiley will advise you.  He’s also a trained and experienced mediator and arbitrator himself.

Civil litigation is organized into seven phases: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, settlement and appeal.  Not every civil lawsuit goes through each phase; many are settled prior to trial, and many trial verdicts are not appealed.  The discovery phase is typically the longest one.  During this stage, evidence is gathered through interrogatories, depositions are taken and requests are made for production of relevant documents.  All around, the discovery phase is time-intensive.

Negligence and the Breach of Duty

Most civil law cases are focused on negligence.  It must be established that a duty existed and was breached.  In addition, it must be proven that your damages were a direct result of the other party’s negligence.  Attorney William C. Reiley has the strong advocacy skills, procedural law knowledge, oral skills, ability to analyze complex cases and investigative skills to firmly establish negligence.  He has won substantial awards for his clients, including compensation for property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages and loss in earning capacity, medical expenses and more.  From the onset, he develops a strong legal strategy for a win.

Injured parties can bring a civil lawsuit against another individual, business organization or government agency.  Attorney William C. Reiley will ensure that all of the responsible defendants are named in the lawsuit, as sometimes there are more than one.

When attorney William C. Reiley takes on your civil suit, he is committed to protecting your rights and fighting for justice on your behalf.  Let his experience and commitment work for you.

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