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Welcome to Reiley Law – The law firm who provides effective and practical legal solutions.  Attorney William C. Reiley focuses on a broad range of law, including general civil litigation, personal injury, estate planning, alternative dispute resolution, real estate, property tax assessment appeals and municipal law.  At Reiley Law, you’re not treated like just another case but as a valuable client who needs legal advice. Each client is given personalized attention.  Reiley Law is committed to providing clients with useful legal advice and thoroughly representing their interests.

Legal Services: Reiley Law

Whether it is a general civil litigation matter, personal injury case, estate planning or real estate transaction, Reiley Law is there to protect and aggressively fight for your rights.  For example, if you’ve been harmed due to the negligence of another party, attorney Bill Reiley will leave no stone unturned.  From his training as a former claims adjuster, he does a complete investigation and obains police reports, accident scene photos, medical reports, contracts, witness statements and more.  Attorney William C. Reiley firmly establishes the elements of negligence and seeks the best award for damages.  He has excellent negotiation skills and experience on how to handle the insurance companies.  As a matter of fact, many of his personal injury cases are settled out of court if it is an advantage to his clients.

Attorney William C. Reiley represents clients in the sale or purchase of commercial or residential real estate.  He is there to protect his clients’ investment.  In addition, he can draft up agreements, help with financing and negotiations and alert you to any title or zoning issues.

Attorney William C. Reiley has experience in estate planning and helps clients choose the best legal instrument to carry out their final wishes, such as living wills or specific types of trusts.  He can also act as counsel for an estate executor or administrator to ensure taxes are filed timely and properly and the assets are properly distributed to heirs.

Arbitrator and Mediator: Attorney William C. Reiley

Attorney William C. Reiley is also a trained and experienced arbitrator and mediator.  He can act to help parties resolve disputes without having to go to court.  These alternative resolution methods are less expensive, less time consuming and less contentious than battling matters out in the courtroom for years.

If you’re considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, have a business dispute, involved in a real estate transaction, have an estate planning question or have an issue with property tax assessment, turn to Reiley Law for the best legal advice.

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